why can?

It's Our Heritage

What does one do when one lives nestled between counties named Kerr and Mason? Why, you can things, of course! Although these are the names of long passed military folk, it’s more than ironic that these names are synonymous with the iconic glass jars of a bygone era. These familiar place names are also names associated with the pioneers of canning. We’ve all come across these jars in garage sales or antique stores. It was the innovation of men like these who enabled countless women pioneers to line their cupboard with provisions for the long winter ahead. It was out of necessity that these mothers and grandmothers created the art form of canning. While the modern conveniences of the supermarket buffer us against perishing at the hands of a long winter, the artisanal pursuit of canning lives on.

Canning Classes

Upcoming Classes
Bloody Mary Bar Pickling Class: May 15th & 22nd
Salt Pickle Fermenting Class: May 29th & June 5th & 12th
Dill Pickle Class June 26th and every Friday in July.
July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st